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You can call this a new year resolution since I decided I was going to nurture my relationship with God this year and one way I can do that is through writing about it. This decision birthed this series, through conversations I had with my sister and a book I read, I realized I didn't know my Abba. Imagine my consternation when I came to that realization, I mean I attended Block Rosary as a kid, became a member of Legion of Mary, became a Charismatic while in college and I still do not know God as I ought to, my God!

I am wondering how Abraham felt having a personal relationship with God, imagine God coming to tell you that he wants to destroy another country allowing you to advocate on their behalf, omo! that's is relationship goals, walahi!
*Check Genesis 18 vs 17-19*

*God you don't need me but somehow you want me, oh how you love me 🎶 🎶 🎶*

This decision was further solidified by a book Kenneth E. Hagin wrote (may his soul continue to rest in peace) titled The Art of Prayer which I got from my sister. The book has helped in the edification of my person and knowledge about God, I went from a 0 to 0.1 and that to me is progress.
Before now I would only read the Bible and whether I understood it or not it didn't matter ( to fulfill all righteousness) but this book is helping me understand the Bible more.
Therefore, I decided that I would start with this book, it's the first Christian book about prayer I can remember reading and as we progress, through the help of the Holy Spirit we will move to the next book and so on.

I pray the Holy Spirit continues to help, guide and direct me to give out God-filled content every Friday.
You are welcome and may God continue to strengthen us in our weaknesses. Amen.
So if this is something you are interested in come join me, let's do this together also, just because it's titled “A girl and her God” doesn't mean the guys are exempted.

Come one, come all🌹




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