How was your Valentine’s Day

2 min readNov 24, 2023

Love is a game two can play and both win_Eva Gabor.

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Sorry, I came here to rant, you can rant too, it’s a safe space I promise.

How was your Valentine’s celebration? Did your lover take you ‘out’? If yes, I just want to remind you that fornication is a sin. I am a bit jealous but it doesn’t change the fact that fornication is a sin.

If not, let’s chat, you know misery loves company and I am tired of forming a hard girl.

When I was younger, Valentine meant nothing to me. I wasn’t particularly interested in it but you see this last Valentine, I was interested o.

It is funny because I have no boyfriend but I was kinda expecting something from someone, anyone I like. It never came sha.

You might ask why didn’t I send any gifts to the guys I like, well, it was on this same Valentine’s day that I found out that some of them had girlfriends (God saved me the embarrassment) also how would I send a gift to someone I am crushing on from afar, o wrong!

On a more serious note, I felt this Valentine. Although I was choked with work, I couldn’t help but imagine what my life would be like with the LOML, then Spotify made the problem worse by playing love songs from the early 2000s, who send am?

By the time you are reading this, I hope I am cured of Valentine’s fever and you are too.

On a more serious note, why are we single? Is it by choice or chance? Or are you scared of falling and staying in love? Let me know in the comments.

Updated thoughts: Instead of proactively looking for ‘the one’ become what you are looking for in another human being and do not settle.

See you in 3 months,

Fellow Single Pringle.

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