1 min readOct 20, 2021

It is a sure sign from God when he wakes you up in the morning that he is not done with you because if he is,you won’t be waking up no more
-Steve Harvey
Imagination is everything, it’s a preview to life’s coming attraction.
-Albert Einstein
Your imagination is an evidence of things not seen because only you can see it. Your imagination is your faith. This is God giving you a glimpse of his plans for you else why do you see yourself outside the country? Why do you always imagine yourself married to a man who goes out of his way to treat you like a Queen and loves you unconditionally? Why do you keep seeing yourself in the midst of like minded, goal oriented people who are genuine friends and work in harmony to be in a greater level of glory?
Your imagination is everything. If you can imagine it, you can be it. Imagination is the reason we are here today, someone imagined being able to reach your Destination by means other than walking and bicycling and they came up with cars, ships, trains, aeroplane etc.
The problem is you tell your imaginations to the wrong people, small minded and negative minded people, dream killers and energy suckers. Yes, that’s your problem!
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it. God is not done with you yet so get up! Dust your imagination and get it moving.

I am rooting for us all❤️




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