Letter to Godswill…

Hey you❤️
We have never met physically but we vibe, we vibe alot which is not unusual.
What’s unusual is you showing interest in my writing, I was doing it for fun but you went ahead to do other stuff( you know what).
For helping out and genuinely showing interest in what I do, I am grateful, whenever you cross my mind I remember the first sticker you sent to me on Whatsapp, the one that reads “you are crazy, I like you” it may not be the first ever but it’s the only one I remember. So maybe I am crazy and you are crazy and we both crazy and we both like each other or maybe not, either way, I am grateful.
One day, probably 5 years from now, we may or may not be talking to each other, maybe life had happened and we are both far away from each other but whatever happens, I pray we are both happy and living our best lives filled with God, love, good food, joy, gratitude, great sex, wealth, good music and genuine friendships.
I hope you are good and I pray life treats you well. Did you get the job? Have you eaten? Did you remember to smile today? Oh, did you listen to any of Billie’s song today?
I am super grateful and feel so blessed. Here is to us 🥂 internet friends, who in one way or the other have gone the extra mile to help someone we haven’t met before, I say thank you.

Gracias Amigo❤️



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