Partnerships: 2 traits every partner must-have.

It’s impossible to live our lives without partners, I am not just talking about romantic partners, that colleague at work that makes your job easy, that friend that’s always there to crack you up with laughter, that family member who always got your back, they are all partners.

Partners can either make or mar you, they can either make your life easier or make it a living hell and that is why we need to be careful in choosing our partners or saying yes to those who choose us.

Let’s say your goal is to produce amazing youtube videos, you do the work but the only problem you have is you need an editor, you get one and he/she does an excellent job, the said editor is your partner, maybe you had to pay him but he is still you partner even for the shortest period. His input will increase the chances of your YouTube video being viewed. You get the point now, don’t you???

There is a positive side and a negative side to partnerships which depends on your choice of partner. A good partner will make your life better but a bad partner will ruin your life.

There are a lot of traits a good partner should have but I will highlight two traits I think a good partner must have and they are; honesty and trustworthiness.


People vary in their degree of trustworthiness and for the sake of this article, I would use a scale to illustrate this. A scale of 0-10 with 0 being untrustworthy and 10 being trustworthy. Now, not every human in the world falls into either of the two, there are people in between, we have people whose trustworthy meter reads, 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 you get the point?
Your partner may not ruin your life for 2 million but could do that for 15 million, would you describe him/her as trustworthy???

We need to choose trustworthy partners, people who you know that when push comes to shove will be there for you.

How do we identify such partners? HISTORY.

Yes, their track record. Let’s say in terms of friendship, you decide to be friends with someone who has a history of betrayal, what makes you think she will treat you differently? The blood of Jesus?👀

The problem with this is we use information from their past and know nothing of their future, a bad person could become a good person and a good person could become a bad person meaning we risk being wrong.

But, the probability of being right is higher.
Wait, how do you know someone is going to be a good friend if they have never had a chance to be a friend in the first place???

Through trial. Just because someone is inexperienced in a particular angle doesn’t mean they are bad or good, you get to find out for yourself. And when you do learn the lessons or enjoy the blessings, you make better decisions.

In this case, don’t be scared to give people a chance (people who have no record) you might find a diamond while looking for a pebble.


Have you had of this phrase “Honesty is the best policy”?

I was listening to Dr. Myles Monroe the other day and he said he can’t trust someone who says that he can only do business with someone who believes that “Honesty is the only policy” In his defense, he said if honesty is the best policy that means there is a second-best policy👀

In choosing your partner, you must make sure honesty is their only policy, the don’t compromise in the face of money, beauty, bum bum, breast, status, power, etc.
How can we do that? Use the same formula as above.

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.

Show me your partner and after my research, I may be able to predict your future with him/her.

Question for you: Are you trustworthy? Are you an honest fellow?



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