Rewrite your destiny.

A canvas with an inscription on it.

What would you do if a Sharma or a seer told you that you are destined for failure? Something similar to, you will struggle in life and your destiny is too flawed for redemption???

Would you stop trying? Or you would sit around and wait for the ‘prophecy’ to come to pass.

Two brothers, Brother A and Brother B went to see a Seer, the seer told Brother A that he would be very wealthy, he told him that he would amass so much wealth no one in his clan had ever controlled.

Then he turned to Brother B, took his palm, shook his head, and sighed. Looked him in the eye and told him he would die a pauper, he would suffer harshly and die poor.

The two brothers went home. Brother A was very happy and decided not to work, since he will amass so much wealth there was no need to work, he spent his remaining days drinking and waiting for his ‘prophecy’ to come to pass. It never came, not even lady luck came knocking.

Brother B was sad on the journey back home, when he got home, he thought long and hard about what the seer told him. The next morning, he woke up, took his farming tools, and went to the farm. He said to himself; let me try and see if what the Seer said is true.

I don’t know how this story ends, but I am interested in your decision.

Maybe you have been told you will never make it in life, your high school chemistry teacher might have looked you in the eye and told you that you are useless. Maybe it was your music teacher, who told you not to try, you will never amount to anything.

They have said what they had to say. Why not give yourself and your destiny the fighting chance?

When I was told I was cursed, I felt weak in my bones, coming from an African home this news meant automatic failure. I pondered all through the night, almost giving up on myself and the beautiful dreams I had for myself.

Then I remembered Myles Monroe’s words, he said; if your reality is different from what you want, create it in your imagination.
If you can dream it, think about it, and work towards it, it will happen. In the morning, I said to myself; let me try and see if what they said is true.

I don’t know what you have been told and I sincerely do not care if you will not give yourself the fighting chance. Try and see if what they said is true.
Keep trying until your dying breath. Fall and stand up, failure only comes when we stop trying.

Most times we are tempted to give in to those negative words, it’s normal. Make sure that when you are done pondering, worrying, and crying, you stand up, pick up your working tools and get back to work.

Be the man/woman who rewrote his/her destiny. I challenge you today.



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Chimnwendum Opara

I use stories to improve the mental health, self-improvement, and personal finance of 20-something-year-olds.