Our ardent enemy and perhaps most loyal companion. Time in my opinion is a relative, it’s 11:21 am here in Nigeria as I write this on a Thursday morning and somewhere in the world right now in this very moment it’s 10:21 am or 2:21pm. In this very moment I came to the realization that I am tired of Midwifery school but somewhere out there someone is Happy to be in Midwifery school (what’s the opposite of tired?)

This Thursday morning, I have decided not to attend any class, I am officially tired of the Nigerian school system ( they said the school system abroad is better but that doesn’t matter right now) I am tired of the health sector and most importantly I am tired of Nigeria.

Lecturers rushing in to teach 2-4 topics a day when examination is a week away. Expecting you to somehow cram every thing they have rapped to you in 3 hours or less because in their opinion examination is a true test of knowledge. Somehow you are expected to cough out 20,000 naira for exam fees that’s about 40 dollars right?(I have decided to earn in dollars and spend in naira, why i made that decision I don’t know, I don’t even have a job and I don’t care)

I don’t like any kind of stress whatsoever, emotional, spiritual, financial etc but today I am stressed academically and financially, my account is literally 77 naira 68 Kobo.

Here I am lying on my bed, I just read a few pages of the “subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson”, feeling somewhat relieved because it came in handy, I needed to hear those words as the voice in my head read it out loud. This book reminds me of the book of Ecclesiastes in the bible, I don’t know why but it does.
Of what use are my certificates? Why do I even need to travel outside the country? Why do I hate mediocrity and at the same time in constant anxiety not to be mediocre? Why do i need to marry a good man who provides and protects? Or date an older man who provides and protects?
Are my thoughts shaped by the movies I watch, books I read and people I surrond myself with?

See? I have deviated from what I intend on writing and can’t even remember what it was anymore, hehehehehe, anyways the topic is Time, so what about Time?
I don’t know! It’s relative like I said.

What’s the time over there? What time is it in your life? Irrespective of the answers, times waits for no one or perhaps we are the ones that don’t wait for time whichever it is I don’t care because I am tired. It’s tired O’clock over here and I intend reveling in it until this phase is behind me.


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