Uncle B’s secrets to 20th wedding anniversary

A picture of Uncle B.
Beautiful piece of art.
Another day, another drama.

Uncle B’s secrets to celebrating a 20th wedding anniversary

1. Marriage is hard work ( you should know that by now)
2. Commitment beats love every time. Be committed to loving your partner.
3. Have fun. Be silly, be vulnerable, play, laugh, etc. Life is already hard as it is.
4. Fart together, this is very important. You only fart around people you are comfortable with. So do not hesitate to fart with your partner. I highly recommend this.
5. Always sleep in the same room and on the same bed. You won’t be angry for long and a problem might get solved under the sheets.
6. Marriage does not make you happy. So learn to do things that add to your happiness and give you peace.
7. Go to therapy before you get married. Deal with your issues.
8. Speak the right words and do it with love.
9. Clarify before you jump to a conclusion.
10. Find a common ground in everything.
11. Listen to your wife ( this is a no-brainer)
12. Keep reading and learning about marriage. You only become great at what you devote your time to.
13. Be slow to anger, quick to apologize, and quick to forgive.



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Chimnwendum Opara

I use stories to improve the mental health, self-improvement, and personal finance of 20-something-year-olds.