What does success mean to you?

3 min readJul 16, 2023


He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

This is Oriaku. She is pregnant and looks like she will soon pop. What do you think Success would mean to a goat? I am genuinely curious.

I asked my WhatsApp contacts, “What does success mean to you?” My friend replied:

Success is subjective. For some, it’s money; for some, it’s a happy home; and for some, it’s fame. But for me, success is an all-around blessing like Isaac. Wealth, Peace of mind, and God’s protection. As much as I want the best things in life, I want to be low-key and chop high-key money.

Without introduction, what tribe in Nigeria do you think he is from? Guess in the comments section.

Now let’s analyze success using some of our bible heroes.

I looked at the life of St Paul, and man had to depend on different churches to feed. He was doing the Lord’s work, and that was a success for him.

Then we have Solomon, our childhood hero, until we find out he didn’t have a great ending. He did exactly what God asked him not to. Solomon was the it man in his time. He was wealthy and handsome, attracting all the hot women from afar and near. The man was balling.

Imagine having 1000 sleep buddies. A stranger could sneak in and not even get noticed. Solomon was so rich that there was so much gold during his time to the point gold became worthless. Real OG. But his ending? Nah

I always wonder where people get the effrontery to disobey God until I disobeyed him. Believe me, when I say I saw a bit of the Israelites in me.

Unto the next…

Then there is Boaz. Every Christian Gen Z girl’s crush until they realize he was over 70 years old. Boaz is the real husband material. Does that mean we should set our eyes on older men? He was successful. What could be more successful than being the ancestor of Jesus? Plus, he was wealthy (very important).

Then there is John the Beloved. Jesus loved him. I know Jesus loves us, but have you ever laid your head on his shoulders? No, you haven’t.

I think every lastborn has what I call John Syndrome. In Igbo, it is translated to Daberechi. This loosely translates to someone who likes to lean on God. Every lastborn I know likes to lean on people, especially their mothers.

John was successful, but haters chased that man till he had to go on a sabbatical on an Island. The man saw visions back to back. I wonder how his mental health stayed intact. Real OG.

Then there is Queen Esther. Na from her story Grass to Grace concept start. I have no words for this Queen, but she was successful. Saving her tribe from the evil Haman.

Omo, committing a crime in the olden days was scary o. You fit do something bad, and your 10 sons will pay for it with their lives. Just like that, your 10 sons are gone. Chilling today, dead by hanging tomorrow. That’s scary. Very scary.

Then there is Isaac, the one whom his mother so jealously guided against Ishmael. I think Isaac has the most drama-free life among Abraham’s descendants. No stress. He just lived his life, gave birth to two children, left a ton of wealth and blessings for them, and died peacefully. Is that not a success?

Then there is Jesus Christ. He had no house or land to his name. No gold anywhere. No bitcoin. No dollars and no pounds. He didn’t even own ordinary Aba-made Louis Vuitton half-shoe.

Baba was doing good everywhere he went. He was content and focused. He stayed away from women (why though?) He is success personified. But do you want his kind of success?

Then there is me, who takes pleasure in taking pictures and videos of goats.

Wait, does that mean I am called to be a shepherd? Because I can’t kill a lion or a bear. However, I can carry a lamb or goat on my neck, so that’s something. The journey of a thousand flocks begins with one lamb/goat.

This is a compilation of my WhatsApp status. I am still curious as to what success is. Someone said it’s subjective, but is it? How are you successful if the world doesn’t even acknowledge your success? Make it make sense.

*Turns the camera to you* What does success mean to you?