What to do when that ex-friend crosses your mind.

3 min readJul 29, 2023

Best friends forever, what happened to that?

We used to be friends, but now it is over.

We all have that person we no longer talk to who frequently crosses our minds. Sometimes there is a logical reason to why we went from friends to strangers, sometimes there isn’t.

I used to have this friend I thought we would always be in each other’s lives. In fact, one time I boasted to him that neither of us is going anywhere. We will always be here for each other and now we don’t even talk. It’s crazy how we can go from friends to strangers in a matter of years. I miss him, a lot.

Recently, thoughts of him have been crossing my mind but my ego keeps getting in the way. What if I call him and he ignores me? What if he isn’t as excited to hear from me as I am? A lot of what-ifs and I end up not calling or texting him.

So this morning, while scrolling through Twitter, I saw a relatable post⬇️ and I quickly said a prayer for my ex-friend.

I hope he is okay. I hope he is weathering life's troubles. I hope he is happier than he used to be and I pray everything works out fine if not better for him.

Friendship breakups are hard. Between you and I, I think they are worst than relationship breakups. I can get another boyfriend but I can never have another friend like you. Maybe I will have better friends but it’s you I want.

Anyways, if you are an egotistical human being like me who would rather chew jeans than say hello to an ex-friend, say a prayer for yourself. And whenever they cross your mind, say a prayer for them.

Now, I am going to say a prayer for myself because I really need Jesus. Life is short! Why would I let my ego stop me from saying hello? Isn’t that crazy?!

On the flip side, there are times when ex-friends should remain exes. When that time comes, you will know. Sha don't forget to say a prayer whenever exes cross your mind.

Regardless of how huge our egos are, we are all dealing with something. That prayer will and can go a long way.

So here is to all the good friends we lost on our way to greatness, may God continue to bless and keep them. For the bad friends, may God keep them far far away from us.

And the same goes for us. Amen.